Valentine’s Day Cakes {Recipe Roundup}

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6 Valentine’s Day Cakes You’ll Definitely Want to Make!

If you’re looking for a delicious dessert to bake this Valentine’s Day, we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for single-serve cakes, pull-apart bread, or a traditional cake for your family to enjoy, we’ve got you covered. These 6 Valentine’s Day Cakes are a sweet way to show your family and friends just how much you care.

  • Strawberry Soda Mini Cakes are absolutely delightful for Valentine’s Day. They are personal sized, colored perfectly for the occasion, and they are very light in texture.
  • This Sweetheart Cinnamon Cake with Glaze is a delicious dessert after your family meal. The glaze is infused with cinnamon herbal teabags giving it a natural pink coloring so you don’t need to use red dye.
  • We think these Victoria Sponge Mini Heart Cakes would be perfect to make to bring to a classroom or office party. These heart shaped, individually-sized cakes are light and fluffy and would look amazing on a party platter.
  • Monkey Bread is always delicious, so it’s no surprise that we love this recipe for Mini Heart Shaped Monkey Bread for Valentine’s Day!
  • If you love cheesecake and you love red velvet cake, this recipe for Red Velvet Cheesecake is going to be your dream come true. This recipe might sound a little intimidating, but you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to make.
  • If you want to whip up something quickly with a Valentine’s theme, these cute little Heart Cakes are perfect for that. These semi-homemade cakes take no time at all, but the result is fantastic!

We hope you love these Valentine’s Day Cakes as much as we do. There’s pretty much something for everyone here! If you like these Valentine’s Day cakes, visit our Cakes section for even more delicious recipes. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so that you never miss a single recipe, and you can visit our Pinterest boards for even more incredible dessert ideas. Enjoy!

Make Valentine’s Day Special with Food Gifts

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6 Fun Food Gifts for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, don’t send flowers. Don’t send cards. Everyone loves food, and gifts that you make just seem to mean more than the ones that you buy. Why not give them the gift of food instead? Whether they’re 5 or 50, your recipients will love receiving a hand-made gift and if there’s food involved, that’s just an added bonus. If you’re not sure what to gift this year, these 6 food gifts for Valentine’s Day are a great place to start!

  • Put together Tackle Box Treats for the kids to bring to school instead of filling out a bunch of cards that will probably end up in the garbage can anyway. The kids will have a whale of a time with this gem of a gift and it’s very affordable to make!
  • Chances are, you have everything you need to make these Valentine’s Day Candy-Filled Mason Jars already at home. All you’ll need to buy is the candy for this super easy Valentine’s Day food gift.
  • These Chocolate Kiss Rings are sure to be a hit with all of the little princesses in your life. There’s chocolate in that bling so you can’t go wrong!
  • Hey sweet thing! Everyone loves cookies so these easy Valentine’s Cookie Gifts are sure to delight anyone on your list this year.
  • If your Valentine is one hot tamale, surprise him or her with this cute food gift. This Hot Tamale Gift Idea will put a smile on their face and it doesn’t take much time or money to put this hottie together.
  • If you’re looking to give a special gift that shows you took the time to make something yourself and also gives the recipient something they can actually use and enjoy, these Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies in a Jar are just the thing!

We hope you enjoy these 6 Valentine’s Day food gifts as much as we do! Nothing says “I love you” more than a hand made gift, especially if it involves food. We’ll be sharing more Valentine’s themed recipes and gift ideas every day between now and the big day, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a single one. Enjoy!

6 Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas {Recipe Roundup}

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Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

It’s almost February and that means Valentine’s Day is upon us. How do you show your family you love them on Valentine’s Day? The best way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach so why not start their day off right with a themed breakfast? These 6 Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas are sure to win their hearts over and put a smile on their faces.

  • These Mini Yogurt and Strawberry Tarts look just as good as they taste. These little tartlets are made with real fruit and yogurt so they’re actually nutritious too.
  • Strawberry and Cream Crepes are delicious for breakfast or dessert. This recipe cooks up in about 20 minutes and you can really use any fresh fruit for variety.
  • If your family loves chocolate, then they will absolutely love waking up to these Mini Chocolate Sweet Rolls on Valentine’s Day. This recipe is amazingly simple to make, but they’ll adore the results.
  • If it’s pancakes you’re looking for, you’ll want to try this recipe for Valentine’s Pancakes with French Vanilla Cream Syrup. Seriously delicious and they look awesome on the plate.
  • These White Chocolate Dipped Donut Holes are incredibly easy to make and they’re somewhat addictive. Your family will be raving about these breakfast treats while they’re begging for more.
  • Love Nutella? Love Strawberries? If you said yes, this recipe for Crepes with Nutella and Strawberries is perfect for you. This breakfast dish seems fancy and indulgent, but you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to make!

We hope you’ll try all of these delicious Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas. You’re family is going to love them! If you like these breakfast ideas, visit our Breakfast section for more recipes to help you start your day off right. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so that you never miss a recipe, and you can visit our Pinterest boards for even more incredible breakfast food inspiration. Enjoy!

Paleo Turkey Taco Lettuce Leaf Rollups

Turkey Taco Lettuce Leaf Rollups

Paleo Turkey Taco Lettuce Leaf Rollups

Who doesn’t love tacos? Paleo Turkey Taco Lettuce Leaf Rollups are one of our favorite meals to prepare because these are so good for us! The wonderful thing about swapping out your beef for turkey is the high amount of protein you get with this meal. Virtually fat-free and super low calories, the filling for these wraps only hold 1 gram of fat per 33 grams of white turkey meat, plus 6 grams of protein. This recipe is light and the perfect meal when you are trying to go low carb. …

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Pecan Bacon Ranch Cheeseball {Recipe Share}

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Pecan Bacon Ranch Cheeseball for Your Big Game Party!

If you’re looking for a flavorful and attractive centerpiece for your Big Game appetizer table, you’re going to love this Pecan Bacon Ranch Cheeseball recipe from Sweet Pennies from Heaven! When it comes to game day appetizers, you can’t go wrong with bacon and cheese, but when you wrap those together with ranch and add pecans, you’re sure to be a winner. This recipe is fairly simple to put together. It is recommended that you let it set up for 24 hours before eating, but honestly, you don’t need to wait that long and you sure won’t want to. Plate this cheeseball with some buttery crackers and it’s the perfect game day treat!

Pecan Bacon Ranch Cheeseball
Recipe type: Appetizer
  • 2 blocks of cream cheese, 8 oz. each, softened
  • 2 cups finely shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 package Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix
  • 6 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • 3-4 green onions, sliced thinly
  • 2 oz. pecan chips (or crushed pecans)
  1. Gather your ingredients.
  2. Visit the original recipe on Sweet Pennies from Heaven for full preparation and cooking instructions.
  3. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this recipe for Pecan Bacon Ranch Cheeseball as much as we do. If you love this appetizer, find more like it in our appetizer section. And before you leave, be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss a single recipe. Enjoy!

Delicious, Low Sodium Guacamole

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Easy Low Sodium Guacamole

Guacamole can be served as a flavorful dip at parties, as a side dish to quesadillas and other Mexican dishes, and it’s amazing in salads. Unfortunately for many of us who are following a low sodium lifestyle, most guacamole recipes are very heavy in salts and therefore, they don’t make the dietary cut and we miss out on enjoying this healthy power food. If you’re on a heart-healthy diet, this low sodium guacamole recipe will allow you to enjoy all of the flavor and texture of typical guacamole without all of the sodium.

Low Sodium Guacamole
Easy Low Sodium Guacamole, all of the flavor without all of the sodium.
  • 2 large avocados
  • 1 medium vine-ripened tomato
  • ¼ cup onion, chopped
  • 1 garlic clove, chopped
  • 1 lemon or lime (your choice depending on your flavor preference)
  • 10 shakes of your favorite hot sauce (more or less depending on how hot you like it)
  • ½ capful malt or apple cider vinegar
  1. Cut avocados in half, remove pit, scoop meat out, and place in a mixer.
  2. Quarter tomato, chop onion and garlic, then put them in your mixer.
  3. Cut your lemon and squeeze the juice over the vegetables in the mixer.
  4. Pour in your desired amount of hot sauce and the vinegar.
  5. Mix to desired consistency.
  6. Store unused portion in a covered container in the refrigerator with a slice of onion on top of it to keep it from turning brown.

Serve this low sodium guacamole as a healthier party snack and your guests will thank you too. Guacamole is such a healthy dip or spread and it’s absolutely perfect on burgers and sandwiches. If you love this low sodium recipe, be sure to find more like it in our low sodium section. Enjoy!

Egg Rolls 4 Different Ways {Recipe Roundup}

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Egg Rolls 4 Different Ways!

Egg rolls are a great side dish, a perfect party food, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to the filling. Whether you love traditional or non-traditional egg rolls, we’ve got some recipes you’re going to love. These 4 egg roll recipes offer a variety of flavor combinations that you’re sure to enjoy.

  • Traditional Egg Rolls are perfect to serve as a side to your favorite Oriental dish, but they are also a huge hit at parties as an appetizer. Packed with protein and vegetables, this is a recipe that you’re sure to enjoy.
  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls are a delightful treat and they are lighter than the traditional egg roll so they are perfect to pair with a heavier dinner. Serve these with some sweet chili sauce for a fantastic addition to any meal or appetizer table.
  • If you’re looking to give your party guests an amazing flavor surprise at your next get together, you’ll really want to try this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls. This non-traditional egg roll makes the perfect party appetizer.
  • Have you ever had a Breakfast Egg Roll? Use your favorite breakfast scramble to fill traditional egg roll wrappers, and fry them up to perfection for the perfect morning treat!

We hope you enjoy these egg roll recipes as much as we do. Egg rolls are so versatile and it’s easy to find a flavor combination that’s perfect for any occasion. If you loved these egg roll recipes, find more like them in our appetizer section. Before you leave, be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss a single recipe. Enjoy!

Paleo Tuna Patties Recipe

Grilled Tuna Patties Paleo Style

Paleo Tuna Patties

Paleo Tuna Patties can be made in a variety of ways. We love them grilled and served with a salad or wrapped in a big thick lettuce leaf. Paleo Tuna Patties are filled with protein. Making sure you get enough protein in your diet helps you to preserve muscle and burn fat. If you are on the Paleo diet, you are most likely looking for this benefit. Protein also fills you up so that you are less likely to snack throughout the day….

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4 Easy Game Day Snacks {Recipe Roundup}

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 Easy Game Day Snacks: Popcorn and Chickpeas!

If you’re planning on a big meal for the day of the big game, but you’d still like to have some light snacks out on your tables for your guests’ snacking pleasure, these 4 game day snacks are perfect for that. Popcorn and Chickpeas are easy to make, pair delightfully with various flavor combinations, and they aren’t overly filling. Here are 4 simple recipes we’re sure you will enjoy!

  • These Spicy Roasted Chickpeas are salty, spicy, slightly crunchy, and a great light and healthy snack. They are sure to please even the picky eaters, young and old.
  • Show your team spirit with Popcorn in Team Colors. Popcorn is always a great party snack and getting creative with team colors using your choice of flavors makes it even more fun.
  • These Mediterranean Roasted Chickpeas are low in fat, high in protein, and only have around 30 calories per tablespoon. Light, but fulfilling, everyone will enjoy this simple snack.
  • If you’re looking for a sweet and salty game day snack, this Easy Coconut Oil Kettle Corn is calling your name. Once you try this easy recipe, you may never pop your corn any other way!

We hope you enjoy these easy game day snacks as much as we do. They are simple, delicious, and sure to score big during your Big Game Party. If you loved these game day snacks, be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss a single recipe. Enjoy!

Low Sodium Turkey Chili: Perfect for Game Day!

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Turkey Chili is Perfect for Game Day!

Chili is an amazing comfort food, perfect for game day, and great as a family meal. This Low Sodium Turkey Chili is a one-pot wonder that packs all kinds of flavor without the fats from ground beef and it’s very low in sodium making it heart healthy too. Your Big Game Party guests will love this and we promise that they won’t miss the ground beef or the sodium. It’s that good! If you have plenty of time the night before, you can make this recipe completely from scratch using only fresh, organic ingredients and simmer it in the Crock Pot for game day. But if you’re pinched for time, we’re here to show you how to make this low sodium turkey chili with a semi-homemade, stove top version as well.

Made From Scratch Low Sodium Turkey Chili
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This recipe for Low Sodium Turkey Chili is a little time consuming, but definitely worth the taste with fresh, organic ingredients.
Recipe type: Main
  • 12 Roma tomatoes
  • 2 sweet peppers (you can use jalapenos if you want to heat things up)
  • ½ medium onion
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1 lb lean ground turkey
  • 2 tbsp cumin
  • 1 tbsp chili powder
  • ½ tbsp red ground pepper
  • 10 shakes hot sauce
  • 1 tbsp red pepper flakes
  • 1 can low sodium organic beans (or if you really want to go all out, buy dried beans and soak overnight)
  1. Brown the lean ground turkey.
  2. Chop onion, sweet peppers (de-seeded), and garlic cloves, and place in frying pan with burger. Cook until vegetables are tender. Set aside.
  3. Quarter 11 of the tomatoes and blend in the blender to sauce consistency. Place in Crock Pot.
  4. Dice remaining tomato to add to tomato blend.
  5. Add spices and stir.
  6. Place meat mixture in Crock Pot, stir.
  7. Add beans, stir.
  8. Simmer on low for 8 hours or on high for 4 hours.
  9. Serve with tortilla chips (gluten free) or crackers.

This turkey chili is packed with fresh vegetables and protein and it tastes amazing. Although we do recommend using fresh vegetables whenever time allows, we understand that life is busy. If you’re strapped for time before your Big Game Party, we have a semi-homemade version of this recipe that you’re definitely going to love. It’s still low sodium, still delicious, but it a lot simpler and quicker to make.

easy chili recipes, turkey chili, quick chili recipe, low sodium chili

Semi-Homemade Low Sodium Turkey Chili
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This low sodium turkey chili can be made up in a snap with canned ingredients, ground turkey, and spices.
Recipe type: Main
  • 4-8 oz cans no salt added tomato sauce
  • 1 can no salt added diced tomatoes
  • 1 small can diced green chiles
  • 1 lb lean ground turkey
  • 2 tbsp cumin powder
  • 1 tbsp chili powder
  • ½ tbsp Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb Seasoning
  • ½ tbsp red ground pepper
  • 10 shots hot sauce
  • 1 can low sodium organic beans
  1. Brown the ground turkey, drain.
  2. Place all wet ingredients in a large pot on the stove top and stir.
  3. Add in spices, stir.
  4. Add ground turkey to sauce, stir.
  5. Simmer on stove top for ½ hour.

You’re going to love this low sodium turkey chili whether you serve it on game day, as a family dinner, or as a hearty lunch. Whether you make the made-from-scratch recipe or the semi-homemade recipe, you won’t be disappointed. If you love this low sodium recipe, you can find more like it by visiting our low sodium section. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so that you never miss a single healthy recipe. Just by entering your email, you’ll receive a free recipe per day delivered right to your inbox. Enjoy!