Kitchen Hack: The Simplest Way to Peel Ginger

Watch this video presentation to learn the Simplest Way to Peel Ginger. Never waste any of the flesh with this simple kitchen hack. All you need is a spoon!

The Simplest Way to Peel Ginger
If you love using fresh ginger in your recipes to enjoy the fresh flavor and health benefits, but you’re tired of loosing half of the flesh when you use a knife or peeler, we’ve got the perfect Kitchen Hack for you! Put away that knife and peeler and grab a spoon instead. Using a spoon, simply scrap the surface of the ginger and the skin practically falls off without getting any of the flesh at all. Don’t believe us? Watch this video demonstration. This quick hack truly is the Simplest Way to Peel Ginger.

Looking for more ways to incorporate ginger into your diet? Here are 5 of our favorite recipes that use ginger!

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