Kitchen Hack: The Simplest Way to Cut a Watermelon

Want to know the simplest way to cut a watermelon? We have a Kitchen Hack for you! This is the easiest and quickest way to cut your watermelon into bite-sized pieces while minimizing mess.

Watermelon is such a treat and full of water which actually fills you up with barely any calories. Watermelons can be a beast to cut, filling the countertop with the juicy liquid that flows out. This hack makes that a thing of the past! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be enjoying your watermelon in no time without all of that fuss.

How to cut a watermelon Start by cutting your watermelon into quarters. Cut your watermelon in half, then cut each half in half again so the whole watermelon is now quartered. Make slices one to two inches apart, slicing all the way down to the rind.
How to cut a watermelon Now come back across slicing one to two inches apart all the way down to the rind on one side….

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Serve up healthier appetizers at your next football party and make this simple Spicy Hummus Dip recipe the center of your game day table. Easy to make, delicious, and it pairs perfectly with chips or vegetables. Football Game appetizers don’t need to be bad for your waistline, they just have to taste good! This low-calorie Spicy…

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DIY Canned Pickled Peppers without all of the Canning Fuss

Pickled Peppers without all of the Canning Fuss

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7 Health and Beauty Benefits with Apple Cider Vinegar

7 Health and Beauty Benefits of Vinegar

Turning to natural ingredients to aid in overall health and beauty is key and finding those in your kitchen is easier than you think. Here are Seven Health and Beauty Benefits of Vinegar that you need to add to your daily regime. Apple Cider Vinegar is a beauty powerhouse. Don’t just think of this as an ingredient…

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