5 Healthy Snacks to Keep Stashed at Your Desk

Stay focused and alert all day, every day by keeping these 5 Healthy Snacks stashed at your desk. Never face afternoon burnout again as long as you keep these snacks handy for energy.

Does the afternoon have you ready to fall asleep? Eat healthy nutritious snacks throughout your work day to stay energized and alert. Did you know that eating healthier will help you be more productive? Here is a list of 5 Healthy Snacks to keep handy during your busy work day to give you an added burst of energy when you need it.

Hummus Dip

Hummus is a great protein addition. You can find premade take along containers at your local grocery store or you can make your own. Dip carrots and celery in the hummus for a healthy snack with many health benefits.
Coconut Water

Coconut Water is the perfect drink when you are lacking energy. Did you know that you may very well be dehydrated and not even know it? Coconut Water has more potassium than 4 bananas, is low in calories, and has a ton of electrolytes. Don’t reach for a soda, fight the temptation.


Almonds boost energy. The presence of minerals in almonds helps in energy production and metabolic rate. A handful of almonds to snack on in between meals can get you through the day without filling you up with calories or fat.


Granola, dry cereal, oats, raisins, and healthy nuts will help curb your sweet tooth. The natural sugars in the raisins will give you sustained energy levels. The soluble fiber in the oatmeal will keep your blood sugar level.

Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit is a great healthy snack alternative. Don’t reach for that candy bar when you’re craving something sweet, reach for dried fruit instead. You can store dried fruits in your desk drawer easily and most dried fruits are filled with vitamins and nutrients that you won’t get from the candy bar. Eat only a handful because of the added calories.


Baked Chips like these Southwest Chipotle Baked Sweet Potato Chips are low in sodium, and very low in saturated fats and cholesterol. They are also a good source of dietary fiber, Vitamin B6, and potassium, as well as a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and manganese.

We hope you find this list of 5 Healthy Snacks helpful in your quest for a healthier, happier you. For more informational posts like this, be sure to stop by our Food and Fitness section. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so that you never miss a single healthy recipe!

Disclosure: The author of this article is not a trained medical professional, nor a dietician. All of the information in this post is based on research and personal experience.

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